About us

Positif was established in 2006 by one of Wales' most experienced public affairs and communications consultants, Daran Hill. We’re a Welsh based company specialising in public affairs, communications and consulting. The company has grown year on year and is now the largest political consultancy in Wales, and has provided communications and public affairs services for more than 250 private, voluntary and public sector organisations.

We provide specialist advice, knowledge and intelligence to clients on all aspects of political life in Wales and offer a comprehensive range of services.

'Positif' is the Welsh word for 'positive' and reflects our outlook and the way we do business. We are an open, transparent, responsible and ethical company and our core mission is to make a positive difference for our clients and the people of Wales.

Code of Conduct

We have been full members of the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC) since March 2007. The APPC is the representative and regulatory body for UK public affairs professionals in the consultancy sector, and our membership reflects our determination to abide by the highest standards of openness, transparency and ethical best practice. All of our work is in line with the APPC Code of Practice. We’ve also worked with the APPC to ensure their standards are rigorously applied in Wales and across the UK.

Industry Organisations

We are committed to working with PA and PR professionals from other agencies and organisations, and with political and media stakeholders to raise awareness about the importance, validity and vitality of the public affairs and public relations professions in Wales.

We’ve supported and helped develop Public Affairs Cymru (PAC) the professional body for the public affairs professionals in Wales which was founded in 2006. Both Daran Hill and Rhodri ab Owen have served as Chairs of the Executive and Positif staff members have consistently played a role in the executive team. We’re also members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations which promotes best practice within the public relations sector.

Ethical company

In May 2014, Positif became the first political consultancy in Wales to become a signatory of the Sustainable Development Charter, validating our credentials as an ethical company. We’ve always strived to be honest and transparent in all that we do and are pleased to be recognised as a sustainable company, playing our part in improving the well-being of Wales