Archive 2016

Positif has made news on its own over the years as well as for clients. Click the links below to jump to news releases from recent years.

New News, Old News, No News

Daran Hill shares his thoughts on the Chancellor's Autumn Statement and what it means for Wales.

Positif Thinking: Resilient Communities

To celebrate 10 years of making a Positif difference to political life in Wales, we are launching Positif Thinking, a termly discussion forum on politics and policy in Wales.

Carwyn Connects

Daran Hill reflects on the first week of the National Assembly following the summer recess.

Positif Summer Newsletter

It’s that time of the term again – the Positif Newsletter has arrived!

A week is a long time in politics

Rhodri provides a round-up of events in the Assembly last week

Five is the Magic Number

Daran Hill shares his reflections on last week's election and offers five pieces of advice to each party.

Another British General Election in Wales?

Daran considers the impact of the UK political agenda on the Welsh political agenda ahead of the election.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

This week Andy Hughes looks at the importance of transport in the Welsh Government Budget and how it could potentially be one of the major battlegrounds in the forthcoming Assembly election.

The Challenging Assembly

Daran Hill takes a look at some of the challenges Carwyn Jones and his Government have had to face during the Fourth Assembly