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Cor’ Blimey Corbyn

This week Political Consultant Andy Hughes gives his insight in to the Labour Leadership contest and the rise of Corbyn-mania.

Money, Money, Money…

A few weeks ago, whilst delivering the Queen’s Speech to the National Assembly, the Secretary of State for Wales referred to the Sons of Liberty smashing up the tea ships in the Boston harbour with

Summer Newsletter 2015

Read all about what we at Positif have been up to this Assembly term and hear about some exciting things coming up

Selection fever

As we move on from the General Election, Daran Hill takes a look at next year's Assembly election, the selection of candidates and party target seats.

Trams, trains and automobiles

Naomi Williams takes a look at the proposed Cardiff metro system revealed by the Welsh Government last week

(Only) Once more into the breach…

Andy Hughes shares his thoughts on Stephen Crabb MP's visit to the National Assembly last week

Cosy, comforting and intimate (Your Number's Up: Part Two)

Daran Hill considers the impact of not holding the European referendum on the same day as the Assembly election in 2016

Your Number’s Up – Part One

Daran Hill considers whether the European Referendum should be held on the same day as Assembly elections

No drama

Daran Hill's comments on the recent James Bond debacle at the Senedd were published by Public Affairs Networking. Have a read of the article in full here.

Positif Winter 2015 Newsletter

Read all about the latest Positif highlights in our latest newsletter